CPS: Cost Per Sale

Unlimited free impressions and clicks through Rethink Loyalty’s Network of 55 million consumers & 362 million unique visitors. Only pay when we drive you Sales

Use Real Time Spending & Behavioral Data To Outperform Your Marketing Goals

Build 1 to 1 connections with every customer & reward them at point of sale


Precision Marketing

Hyper-target marketing campaigns directed at individual customers who aren’t shopping with you


Increase In-Store Frequency & Average Order Value

Outperform competition by tracking how often customers shop and how much they spend at other businesses 


Recapture Lapsed & At-Risk Customers

Automated retention campaigns send exclusive offers at the right time enticing customers to return


Reach & Engage Customers

Convert occasional customers into your most loyal high value customers maximizing life time value

Eliminate Wasteful Marketing Spend

Know What You Get For Every Ad Dollar

Card linked offers are proven to increase sales, basket size and frequency.


72% Lift In Incrementality

29% Increase In Frequency


40% Increase In Average Order Value


(Up To) 25x Return On Ad Spend

Identify Capture & Keep High Spending Loyal Customers


Acquire New Customers

Identify and target ideal customers based on credit card spending data.


Online To Offline Unlocked

Measure ad spend to In-Store Spending – Benchmark against the competition.


Introducing In-Store Affiliate Marketing

Rethink Loyalty’s Payment Card Network Verified Affiliate Tracking Platform extends your existing campaigns to drive foot traffic and in-store sales.

Rethink Loyalty Makes It Easy

Shift advertising dollars to entice consumers, drive more purchases, return visits and brand loyalty.

  • Effortless Campaigns

Zero technical integration or effort required. Simply set your campaign budget and let Rethink Loyalty do the rest.  Be up and running in days.

  • Seamless Optimization

Access credit card spending and behavioural data to drive in-store spending.  Reach millions of potential customers through Rethink Loyalty’s Network of 55 million consumers & 362 million unique visitors with your targeted campaign and pay only when they spend.

  • Guess Work-Free Analytics

Rethink Loyalty’s Dollar for Dollar Impact Tracking includes on demand reporting of Return On Ad Spend, Incrementality and Competitive Benchmarking.

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